The A(r)ct of  Escaping

Publication in Greek Press about the artwork



Afresh: A New Generation of Greek Artists

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece

Curators: Daphne Dragona, Tina Pandi, Daphe Vitali.



Short Description:

Video Installation. Projection on white plexiglas. The video is composed of 10 smaller films that narrate 10 different escape stories. 

The video beginns with the “tunnel story” on the right and moves gradually to the other edge and ends with the “train story on the left. In front of the plexiglas there is a two-sided booklet where one can read the 10 different escape stories in greek and english. 


The Art (act) of Escaping focuses on the fantasy, the act and the attestation of escaping. In the present work the artist shifts from the constraint of prisons to the institutionalized restraint of state borders. The construction and use of models enables narratives of imaginary escape attempts, inspired by actual stories related to the Berlin Wall during the years 1962-1988. 


It is a work made with the purpose of examining whether its stories can be turned into a handbook on how people can regain their freedom. It is therefore partially abstaining from recorded facts, connecting urban legend with fantasy and facts.


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10 minutes


Plexiglas Size:
8 meters x 0.6 meters