Adhocracy Athens: From Making Things to Making Commons

29/04/2015 - 5/07/2015


Papanikolaou Maria takes part in the collective exhibition Adhocracy Athens at the Onassis Cultural Centre with her latest work Self-Fashioning Escape Object. The exhibition is curated by Joseph Grima, Ethel Baraona Pohl, Elian Stefa, Pelin Tan and Panos Dragonas.

"Adhocracy is a philosophy of action characterized by creative, flexible, purposeful attitude. Unlike bureaucracy and its fixed schemes, Adhocracy is adjustable to different challenges and situations. Adhocracy uses available systems in unimagined ways to face existing problems quickly and efficiently."

"The narrative of exhibition Adhocracy ATHENS follows some themes that are inherent to the concept of Adhocracy, referred to forms of organization that oppose to normal bureaucratic schemes to find new ways of ‘doing things’. From Do-it-yourself to Do-it-with-others, the visitor will be able to see projects and proposals that explains how to use new technologies to create different economic models, proposal with a critical point of view of different topics related with design and the economical context, and other projects created to improve the urban and social conditions in local communities. These are some of the paths to go from making objects to making the commons."

Abstract from the Adhocracry official site and the Onassis Cultural Centre Museum Press Release

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